Public Bicycle Service

A means of transport and the perfect complement to public transport.
The aim is to provide a solution to short journeys which are made within the town every day.

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This public transport service has been set up by Gandía Town Hall. The aim is to bring about a reduction in the use of private vehicles and promote other forms of transport, such as the town public transport network, going on foot or by bicycle.


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Get your pass from this website or via the touchscreen at the bike parks themselves.

Retirar la bici

Taking out the bike

Go to any of the bike parks, check the bicycle you want to take and make sure it is working correctly. Enter the screen and select the bicycle you want from the ones available and then you will have 20 seconds in which to press the flashing green button and release the bicycle from its stand.

Aparca la bici

Parking the bike

Place it in a free locking point and push the bicycle’s locking mechanism into the slot, pushing it home until it locks in place. Check the green LED on the button is still flashing to indicate that it has been correctly returned.



The service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, with the exception of times specified in the rules for use.


Continue enjoying the SaforBici public bicycle system


Looking for your bike park

Use the leading public bicycle network for your journeys around the town.



The aim is to foster wide use of the bikes.

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Services and Information



Each Safor Bici service has a large stock of bicycles and parks all over the town, so what better showcase for your business than the bike.

Safety tips for the cyclist

Here you will find an extensive guide for the cyclist, please read it, it will help you with your daily use of the bicycle.

General conditions

General conditions for access to and use of the public bicycle system.


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